Size Chart

tape measureHow to Measure:

Use the centre back measurement to determine what size your dog would likely need. Cool Champion Cool Coats are designed with enough adjustment within the neck and girth to fit most dogs within each size.

Cool Coats & Oilskins:

ItemSizeCentre BackGirthNeck
K9-9ToyXS9"-23cm33-46cm (13-18")25-31cm (10-12")
K9-11Toy11"-28cm35-49cm (14-19")31-39cm (12-15")
K9-13XXS15"-38cm36-54cm (14-21")33-42cm (13-16.5")
K9-14XS14"-36cm44-61cm (17-24")42-49cm (16.5-19")
K9-17S-1717"-43cm50-78cm (20-30")46-53cm (18-21")
K9-19S-1919"-48cm52-79cm (20-31")48-55cm (19-22")
K9-WhippetW21"-53cm51-66cm (20-26")35-42cm (13-16")
K9-21M-2121"-53cm56-90cm (22-35.5")53-68cm (23-27")
K9-24M-2424"-61cm56-88cm (22-35")53-68cm (21-27")
K9-28L28"-71cm66-81cm (24-32")55-68cm (22-27")
K9-XLXL28"-71cm71-99cm (28-39")52-68cm (20-27)
K9-34XXL34"-86cm86-117cm (34-46")71-95cm (28-37.5")
K9-363XL36"-91cm92-122cm (36-48")76-101cm (30-40")
Dog & Cat Cooling Mats:
XXS16" x 22" (41cm x 56cm)
XS19" x 28" (48cm x 71cm)
Small22" x 34" (56cm x 86cm)
Large28" x 43" (71cm x 109cm)
X-Large42" x 56" (106cm x 142cm)
Measuring your dog