Silver Eagle’s Canine Cooling Vest

May 2013-- Victoria, Australia-- Silver Eagle Outfitters, designers and manufacturers of unique cooling products and comfort apparel since 2000, was acknowledged by the Master Dog Breeders and Associates of Australia for their contribution to animal health and safety. Silver Eagle Outfitters’ Cool Champions K9 Cooling Vest for the THIRD time in four years, was honored with the 2012 Dog Owners Award for Best Animal Product


Awarded best canine productSilver Eagle began offering pet cooling products in 2004 and expanded its pet products to include a variety of canine cooling vests and cooling crate mats. Through enhancements in design and materials inspired by the dogs, themselves, CoolChampions cool coats and crate mats have become a favorite among dog breeders and pet owners throughout the Australia, United States, and abroad for their guaranteed effectiveness and durability.

In 2009, the CoolChampions K9 Cooling Vest was awarded the same title by the Master Dog Breeders and Associates, Australia, whose aim is "to recognise and celebrate excellence in dog breeding and practices, animal welfare, ownership and animal related services." Silver Eagle Outfitters, Australia, was awarded the 2010 title of Best Dog Supply Retail Outlet. Those in the running for the MDBA Dog Owners Award must be nominated by a client or customer based in Australia and are then judged by the association. Award categories range from Master Breeder to Boarding Kennel of the Year, and it names individuals, as well as products and organizations, for their contribution to animal care.

About Silver Eagle Outfitters Cooling Apparel: Silver Eagle evaporative cooling products are made with specially constructed, three-layer fabric composites to offer ultra-lightweight temperature regulation and protection against heat related injuries. Water-activated, the products use enhanced evaporation to cool the wearer for two to seventy-two hours, depending on environmental conditions. All Silver Eagle products are machine washable and guaranteed for quality and effectiveness. Founded on honesty and innovation, Silver Eagle has led the cooling apparel market in customer satisfaction and product quality for over a decade.

Thank You

QuoteIt's a great honour to receive MDBA Awards for our K9 Cool Coats and may we take this opportunity to thank our Customers who nominated Silver Eagle CoolChampions. We hear a lot of great comments but to take the time to give us brownie points for our product...we sincerely appreciate your efforts..thanks